'Y' Type Strainer

Y CF8 Cast CF8

Y strainers under packing export

Y Strainer Hydro Test

Y -20NB SCR End

Y PP material

Y-PTFE Lined

200NB Y strainer Under Hydro Test

Filter for Duplex in Brass

Y-PTFE Epoxy Coated

Y type strainers are used to remove soilds from flowing fluids or gases by means of perforated sheet or wire mesh straining element. Y type are suggested to use where the solid % is less in quantity. The dirt or foreign particle holdng capacity is less than compared to Basket Strainer. These stainers are very compact and can be used in horizontal , vertical lines.

Sizes -15 mm to 600 mm ( upto 800#)

End Connections -Flanged to BS,ANSI,/DIN ,Screwed , SWE.,BWE

Sizes - 15mmto 2000mm.

End Connections -Flanged to BS,ANSI,/DIN ,Screwed , SWE.,BWE

Materials -CI , CS, CF8,CF8M,Higher alloys / Fabricated version ( for sizes 100Nb & above )

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